Our Achievers....

Our Achievers

Our Achievers....

174 Reputed Brands In 2011 (A National Record).Over 156 Reputed Brands In 2012 And 65 Reputed Brands In 2013 So Far

Our Achievers....

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Professional Approach

• 2 yr full time regular MBA degree from a Govt. University within the state • Capital Market Lab 2nd in Eastern India after IIM-C • Language Lab • Wi-Fi enabled Campus.

Awards And Certificates

Rated A++ By Business India, 2nd Best B-School In Kolkata After IIM Kolkata By CSR Survey, 4th Best B-School In Eastern And Central India

Activities of EIILM

Apart from participation in regular routine bound theoretical classes students are encouraged to take part in different activities which are an integral part of the education process.

Campuses of EIILM

H.O. : 6 Waterloo Stree, Kolkata:69 | B.O.: 9, Hare Street, Kolkata:1

Counseling Service:

Making the right decision about what you want to study and where you want to study does not just happen overnight. You will have to do plenty of research so that you are sure you have covered all the possibilities. You have already made a good start by reading this prospectus!!

Career Plans

If you have an idea about what sort of career you will like to pursue then this may dictate what you should study. You should not choose a course just because you feel that you would stand a better chance of getting a job afterwards. You need to have a real interest and aptitude in the subject to be sure that you will successfully complete the course. Your time in higher education will equip you with skills that employers are looking for. During your course of study in EIILM you will find a wide range of opportunities, advice and support to help you decide where you want your life to go and to succeed in your chosen path.

Which Specialization

If you have not decided on a career or want to keep your options open then your consideration should be focused on the specialization and whether you are going to be interested in it. There are six specializations in Management course at EIILM and there is a scope of dual specialization in upcoming sectors like Media Management, Retail Management, Real Estate Management, Insurance and Risk Management, International Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management that no other B-school is going to offer you.

Counseling Service For All Students:

We offer a professional, confidential service, staffed by qualified and experienced counselors. Our service does neither give advice nor tell a person what to solve their concerns. It is about truly listening to the person and helping clarify experience and feelings, exploring together, the persons understanding of what is happening, what it means to them, how it is affecting them and their thoughts and how to deal with the situation. As the person explains his/her situation counselors assist the person in reducing uncomfortable thoughts or feeling and help the person in decision-making which can lead to change.