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Our Achievers

Our Achievers....

On an average 150 companies per year for the last 3 years

Our Achievers....

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Professional Approach

• 2 yr full time regular MBA degree from a Govt. University within the state • Capital Market Lab 2nd in Eastern India after IIM-C • Language Lab • Wi-Fi enabled Campus.

Awards And Certificates

Rated A++ By Business India, 2nd Best B-School In Kolkata After IIM Kolkata By CSR Survey, 4th Best B-School In Eastern And Central India

Activities of EIILM

Apart from participation in regular routine bound theoretical classes students are encouraged to take part in different activities which are an integral part of the education process.

Campuses of EIILM

H.O. : 6 Waterloo Stree, Kolkata:69 | B.O.: 9, Hare Street, Kolkata:1

From The Director


New Opportunity for Indian Business

Whereas chaos and crisis ridicules normal living, systems, structures and plans reestablish the normal fabric of an institution. The journey of human being in the society has created a path for others to follow the trails of legacy. Through the process of coining ideas and activities a fresh human being has been destined to take cues from the paths curved by the forerunners.

The conscious spirit of human being which is invisible, intangible, unnoticeable needs to be explored. Can we unleash it? Can we make it grow? Can we make it the guiding factor of life? Can we assimilate individual consciousness of many and apply that in the context of the collectives. The answer to all these questions is: yes, we can discover the spirit within, make use of the spirit for the benefit of the society and civilization. Make cultivation of new thoughts for transformation of institutions and society and finally transformation of person to a divine identity suited to the empirical requirement.

Post modern civilization will need new species of human being. Management by consciousness would pave the way for that. Managing enterprises by consciousness would establish a link to this phenomenon with the society certainly initiating the process to transform the person as well.

A manager is expected to be the Mother of the company/department/function. As a mother in a family takes care of the individual and collective emotions, personal wellbeing of every member of the family; priority is always given to the overall growth and wellbeing of the family taking into account the special need of individual in her/his organization. She/he is compassionate, caring yet result oriented. The manager is expected to manage his/her organization in the same manner.

An MBA student expects a comprehensive development of her/his personality through the exposure in the curriculum studied. Whereas, intellectual content of the curriculum matters a lot, a practice orientation is regarded more important than the former. A student expects conceptual, experiential and experimental contents in the program. In short, the person develops an inclination towards perfection; success in the corporate world becomes obvious.

Scaling high without any limit in the mind is what is called aspiration unbound. There are certain aspirations which are truly, purely based on material component of fact and rational. There are others who do not like to look at the material component of facts and rational.

Human civilization has scaled very high at all stages of its revolution. Look at a primitive and the social weathers where the ancient sages had dreamt of a society based on truth and relations of divine. The truth was universal in their revolutions and perception. They lived on this truth and wanted others for the same. They discovered the fact that: ‘your mind, your heart, your senses are built on truth, try to realize that, understand in your own way and give it a shape’.

The study of business programs has to have the combination of universal truth on one hand and visualization on the other. A good manager will make a synthesis between these two. The best intellect is one which can accommodate the perennial and the empirical and make best impact out of it. Look at the most successful company / enterprise of the recent times. The experiments of the combination between the universal and the empirical have been done by many of these enterprises and hence, they are successful. The best achievers in the field of business and industry are those having been able to do the same.

To my mind a specific correction is needed in the current structure of the global system of business. We need to look at transforming certain forms of the market or at least taming most of them. To list down a few of them are as follows:

The structures and mechanism of consumerism.
Limited intervention of the market through regulatory mechanism in such a way that consumers and investors receive priority for and impacts on governance.
Flow of funds from larger entities to smaller entities in a continuous process so that the control of the funds and the velocity of the movement of the funds are all in the hands of consumers partly.
The cohesive mechanism of administering markets by forces, which are otherwise non-participant, needs to be evolved in a planned manner.

Business is expected to inherit the accumulated visions of the past, visualized by the human society and the truth experienced by human being at different stages of its evaluation and beaconing.

Human society have observed the era of manufacturing excellence, product excellence, technology leadership, and aggressive consumerism at different phases of its development. The empirical entity of human being and concepts and processes of the needs and demands arise out of it has achieved overwhelming importance till date. However, the era of transformation is awaited. The process of transformation in the human society has started seeding with the same at the level of few individual across the globe. The same shall encompass the broader human society in a larger scale, taming down the needs and demands of the empirical and upholding the issue and the quest of the eternal in human life.

Dr. R. P. Banerjee

About Us

From the Director

Profile of Dr. R. P. Banerjee

Prof. (Dr.) R P Banerjee is taking care of 1000 street children of Kolkata at different centres and providing health, education and other supports to these children aiming at micro-finance facility to their families for self-sufficiency.

Dr. Banerjee is a Ph.D. in Finance from University of Calcutta and NET qualified. He worked in the industry for a decade and taught at various B-Schools in India including fulltime position in Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Joka. He has visited and lectured many universities in abroad including Pennsylvania State University, Arlington State University, Stockholm University Sweden, Texas University Austin, Texas University Dallas, Tarleton State University, Texas Womens’ University, University of Tennessee, University of Kansas, USA, University of Hamburg, Germany and North Western University, Switzerland etc.

He is the Editor of "Satyer Path", a monthly magazine on spirituality and Guest Editor of special issues of International Journal of HRD and Management. ‘Mother Leadership’ and ‘Stress Management through Mind Engineering’ are among his important books and contributions in the field of thoughts and practices.

His publications include more than 200 articles / papers in national and international journals and 14 books authored / co-authored. Currently he is the Director and Dean, Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, 6 Waterloo Street, Kolkata–700069.

Dr. Banerjee is the Vice-President at Large of International Association for Accounting Education & Research (IAAER).

Among important speeches in International Forums, the keynote speech delivered at 2010 GCEC Conference on “Entrepreneurship?Impact through Networks” held at The Pennsylvania State University, USA, has a long standing impact on entrepreneurship in general and impact through networks in particular.

He has done a number of national and international MDP’s as either the course director or a faculty. He conducted in-house training programs for organizations in India and the West.

Area of Interest:

Strategy, Finance, Ethics & Values, Capital Markets, Spirituality.

Weekly(Sunday) Discourse on: “Spiritual Practice for Divine Life” based on the VEDAs and UPANISHADs.