Our Achievers....

Our Achievers

Our Achievers....

174 Reputed Brands In 2011 (A National Record).Over 156 Reputed Brands In 2012 And 65 Reputed Brands In 2013 So Far

Our Achievers....

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Professional Approach

• 2 yr full time regular MBA degree from a Govt. University within the state • Capital Market Lab 2nd in Eastern India after IIM-C • Language Lab • Wi-Fi enabled Campus.

Awards And Certificates

Rated A++ By Business India, 2nd Best B-School In Kolkata After IIM Kolkata By CSR Survey, 4th Best B-School In Eastern And Central India

Activities of EIILM

Apart from participation in regular routine bound theoretical classes students are encouraged to take part in different activities which are an integral part of the education process.

Campuses of EIILM

H.O. : 6 Waterloo Stree, Kolkata:69 | B.O.: 9, Hare Street, Kolkata:1

From The Placement Coordinator


At EIILM Placement Department we believe in “Right Job for the Right Candidate”, offering Limitless Possibilities to all. Our belief system ensures only branded companies visit our campus with jobs befitting an MBA, and commensurate remuneration.

Our activities begin by Empanelling EIILM with the Corporates by creating liaison with branded organizations across business domains, where we are the preferred partner for Talent Acquisition.

Interaction process between student community and Placement Department is very transparent. Students are explained the industry expectations and are advised on the specializations to opt for a fruitful professional career. Competency gap analysis in comparison to industry requirements is undertaken for all students individually at entry level and counseled regarding their capabilities. The bridging process is planned continuously for the next four semesters with corporate requirements and students’ strengths & limitations in view. Strategies are customized to the need of each student to improve them on various aspects of the selection process. Pre-Placement Conditioning Classes ensures that students are exposed to simulated situations of corporate reality and stringent benchmarks from day one.

We provide industry interfacing through consistent feedback and valuable suggestions from eminent industry professionals regarding current industry trends and changes in the nuances of business. Feedbacks are incorporated in the Course Curriculum and Pedagogy making it up-to-date and practical so as to help the students to blend theoretical learning with practice. This increases the employability of our students and attracting Corporates.

Our strength is the capability to draw companies from all sectors, hence, students, get the opportunity to satisfy their needs as per their specialization, catering to their tastes and sectoral preferences. This reflection is yet again seen in the placement records achieved by EIILM this year.

In 2012, the Indian Economy has been witnessing a downturn from last year. The stock markets are volatile with indexes fluctuating. Economic growth has been very slow, (sometimes negative) along with hits from international markets in the form of devaluation of the rupee and periodic increase in international oil prices. Contrary to business expectations, FDI in the retail sector did not materialize, resulting in no fresh investment in that sector. Government has taken a defensive stand on the situation by maintaining the Interest Rates, CRR & Repo Rates at 2011 levels. Culmination of all of the above has shrunk hiring volumes. Nevertheless, during this academic year, 155 branded organizations across various industries have already visited our campus. Notably, even amidst the slowdown, the presence of Banking Sector organizations on Campus this year spells the success story of EIILM Placement Department yet again.

Our students, well placed in branded organizations, have been furthering the reputation of EIILM in the industry year on year.

Surajit Chatterjee

Dean- Corporate Relation & Placement

Profile of Mr. Surajit Chatterjee

Mr. Chatterjee is a seasoned professional in Business Development, Sales Analysis & Distribution Relations and International Business. He has worked as a senior business professional across various geographies of India.

An Engineering graduate from University of Calcutta, holding a MBA degree in Marketing from IISWBM (University of Calcutta), he has over 22 years of broad based professional experience in Sales and Marketing, Client Relationship Management, Operations and Business Development in Textile and related industries.

He has been with EIILM for the last 6 years as Dean – Corporate Relations & Placement, and primarily responsible for branding & promotion of “Brand EIILM” with the corporates across the globe.

Till now, over 2000 students have been successfully placed in leading National & International brands under his leadership. It has been possible due to his strong analytical skills and solid business instincts coupled with considerable practical experience. His ability to manage a wide range of activities and leadership skills towards motivating a team towards a common goal has been the reason for the success of EIILM Placement.

From The Placement Dean