General Guidelines


About Course

  • Eastern Institute For Integrated Learning in Management shall conduct the Master of Business Administration.
  • The Institute shall lay down from time to time such rules of admission, course of study and methods of examination, etc. for Master of Business Administration.
  • The medium of instruction for Master of Business Administration shall be English and candidates will have to answer the examination papers including Admission Test in English only.
  • The last date of receipt of applications, the last date for admission, and the course fees shall be fixed each year by the Institute.
  • Reservation of seats for Candidates belonging to the under-privileged and back wards classes will be done as per rules.
  • After selection for admission to the course, the candidate shall, within the date fixed by the Institute, deposit the necessary fees (admission fees, caution deposit and tuition fees) prescribed for the purpose. If a candidate fails to deposit the fees within the stipulated date, his/her selection shall be liable to be cancelled. Such a candidate shall not be admitted unless a fresh order is made or the Institute grants an extension of date of payment of requisite fees.
  • Caution deposit paid at the time of admission shall be refunded only at the end of completion of the course. The Institute shall have right to reduce the amount of the Caution Deposit to the extent of the amount of damage caused, if any, by the candidate to the Institute-property.
  • A candidate admitted to Master of Business Administration shall be enrolled as a student of Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management.
  • The Course of study to be prescribed by EIILM from time to time for Master of Business Administration shall be of TWO-YEAR duration extending over FOUR SEMESTERS, each semester comprising 6 months.
  • Candidates admitted to the course shall pursue the regular courses of lectures and other academic arrangements made for them by the Institute.
  • A candidate shall be deemed to have pursued a regular course of study provided he/she has attended at least 75% of the lectures delivered in each semester from the date of the commencement of the classes or from the date on which he/she is admitted, which ever is later.
  • The Institute shall have power to condone deficiency up to 10% of attendance of a candidate only for proper reasons.
  • About Examination

    • Board of Studies in Management shall act as the Board of Studies for Master of Business Administration also. The syllabus for each of the papers shall be as may be prescribed by the Institute from time to time based on the needs of various sectors.
    • The examinations shall consist of four semesters, two (semester I & II) in the first year and two (semester III & IV) in the second year. Examinations of each semester shall be held after completion of the course of study of the concerned semester.
    • The examination of Project Work, Dissertation and comprehensive viva voce will be conducted by a Board of Examiners comprising internal and external examiners. Each candidate shall complete the project work and dissertations individually within the time frame specified by the Department and submit two copies for each prepared under the guidance of supervisors of the Department for evaluation as per the regulation and retention thereafter.
    • The classes of the second, third or fourth semester shall start immediately after completion of the examinations of the preceding semesters, i.e., first, second or third semester, respectively.

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