From Chairman's Desk

The observation of Samuel Beckett has actually caught the spirit in its own realm to make a better future-world replacing the world that goes by. In our civilization we have created a system within the society and across which has all through teleological concerns impacting our thoughts, processes and works. The result that comes out of our activities are oriented towards achieving gains which has destined to support and sustain the cause of the individual on one hand and that of the global system on the other. Meanwhile, we have created a system which is not only corrosive but also rocky throughout. This has been very correctly observed by T.S. Eliot in his phenomenal work and contribution to the world of thought, which according to him is actually drawn and derived from the 'Brihat Aranyak Upanishad' of Ancient India. According to Eliot the civilization has come to an end where the material concerns are continuously and consistently eroding the underlying and inbuilt values of individuals and that of the society and the global system. The poet finds rock, rock and rock everywhere. Rock within is creating a heartless society and system that attempts to destroy the budding flowers of thoughts and aspirations across the human kingdom. Eliot observes that in the process if we don’t look within, if we don’t introspect, if we continue to ignore the invisible falling a pray to the visible and getting attracted to the lollipops of life, the world is destined to face a destiny of self-annihilation and it will crumble down to insignificant pieces of human combines fighting among and within consistently withering away the soft, innovative and unique potential that human persons do possess.

A leisure economy can provide a support to the new intent of stopping from the spread of riding on the back of economic horses and glancing at least a fragment of time within the system, within itself. It is thus an imperative that human organism would focus on the aspects of future with totality and wholesome potential it possess, both in the intrinsic and at the extrinsic dimensions. Leisure economy makes a support of satisfaction and delight through a process that would suffice to provide those in a new and renewed context of the global system. This applies to both the developed economies and lesser developed economies, whereas the urge to explore different facets of the flora and the fauna has already been infused in the minds of people drawn from advanced world. There is a gradual and rising impact of the modern technology, communication technology in particular, spreading the facets across the lesser developed economies of the world as well. It is thus, an imperative of the global system that an economy across the leisure as a focus is given higher importance than ever before. In fact, it has already come up because of the market demand and impact of aspirations of people drawn from varied culture and traditions.

It is in this context, an industry has grown up in the name of Hotel and Hospitality in the world. The purpose of this industry is to sustain the leisure economy. Whereas, a global mover on a massive work schedule becomes a traveller, in the course of travel the person finds a chance to experience personal leisure in the context of the beauties of the earth system. It is thus an associated factor of the work system and the outcome of the same is to sustain the industry at the bottom of it. The industry in focus highlights on making the individual thing brighter, wholesome and unwind the factors of constraint hereunto remain within. Thus, a person after having travelled becomes a renewed one and reengineered one. The industry is yet to reach the maturity, however, its own spread and drive has revealed all the aspects of moving forward towards maturity as has been experienced by other industries of the world.

It is in this context EIILM Kolkata has launched a new program 'Hotel & Hospitality Management' because if the industry has to given a new shape a purified, more intense, in-depth, and holistic leadership and managerial contributions would be essential to flourish and sustain. The Institute is destined to look into and provide all relevant aspects which are hitherto mostly untouched by the existing operators of the world. This unique program shall bring in the uniqueness in the industry and society with the combined input of intellectuals involved, the facilitators and the performers combined in it.

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