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About EIILM-Kolkata

Among Top B-Schools in Kolkata

EIILM-Kolkata is amongst the top B-schools in Kolkata known for imparting quality management education. Its faculty members always adhere to participant-centric teaching methods. Such an approach helps the students to develop attributes best suited for the corporate world. The Institute is the only top B-school in Kolkata providing ‘360° development of students’ with rigorous grooming sessions that make students industry-ready. This methodology has helped every batch of EIILM-Kolkata students get placements at reputed corporate houses.

The Institute understands that the business landscape is rapidly changing and it ensures to prepare its students for that change through effective leadership. EIILM-Kolkata focuses on developing human perspective through multiple international collaborations with universities all over the world. Workshops and training sessions to promote the Academia-Industry relationship have aided EIILM-Kolkata to emerge as one of the top B-Schools in Kolkata.

EIILM-Kolkata has more than a few feathers in its cap with recognitions from various organizations. It became possible because unlike other top B-Schools in Kolkata, EIILM-Kolkata provides meticulous summer and winter internships to students before final placement. The Institute is also a step ahead of others as the best B-School in Kolkata with PPO (Pre Placement Offer) as its most distinct and renowned feature.

Rankings & Recognition

EIILM-Kolkata is recognized as the one of the top B-Schools in Kolkata by various national and international organizations. It has numerous awards of excellence to its name.

  • Received “Best Educational Management Institute” at The Golden Globe Tigers Awards, Malaysia 2023
  • Awarded “Times Best B-School in Placement” in “Times Business Award 2023”
  • Awarded “Education Leadership Award” at Asian Leadership Awards, Dubai 2023
  • Received "Outstanding Business School-East" by ABP Ananda Shiksha Samman 2023.
  • Ranked "2nd in all of Eastern India" by Times BBA Education Ranking Survey, 2023
  • Awarded "Excellence in B-School Placement in Eastern India" - Education Excellence Award presented by Zee 24 Ghanta, Kolkata, 2023
  • "Best B-School Placement in Management in West Bengal" Award received from CNBC TV 18 endorsed by CMO Global, World Federation of Marketing & WFHRP 2022
  • “Best B School - Placement”(East) – Education Excellence Award presented by ZEE 24 Ghanta, Kolkata 2021

Objectives of EIILM-Kolkata

The purpose of this top B-School in Kolkata focuses on working with a few objectives since its very inception. Some of the major objectives are as follows:

  • To provide its students with a career in an industry that suits their persona and area of interest.
  • To expand human potential in the ever-changing business landscape.
  • To promote participant-centric teaching techniques so that students can break free of their inhibitions both inside and outside their classrooms.
  • To amalgam business theories with their practical application through regular training sessions and workshops.
  • To ensure all-round development of students and make them self-reliant in the corporate setup.

From Chairman's Desk

New World awaits Challenge Takers:

Illumination and darkness comes in sequence in life. Life requires both of these at varying degrees to experience the essence and the spirit of living in the best possible manner. World brings in elements of happiness and melancholy in the same sequence without allowing either to perish the other. The mind which can thrive squarely in both the situations and still proceed forward to create emerging avenues for the individual and for the world as well, is transcendent in nature and capacity.

The current spell of unhappiness and health hazards throughout the world has brought in lot of unpleasant situations and experiences by people. It has, however, opened up plethora of new opportunities for lives to create a pleasant heaven, a domain of aspirational destiny for the challenging and deserving minds.

We are now at the most opportune moment in the world to reengineer our minds for accepting the newer challenges and creating a holistic hope for expanding and spreading forward the elements of illumination through winning in the journey of life and professions.

EIILM-Kolkata energizes the race forward for the challenge takers and the prospective winners.

Chairman & Director

Programs Offered

Various academic courses are offered at EIILM-Kolkata from under graduation to research programme.

Through the Lenses of Corporate Experts

I found the students of EIILM-Kolkata to be a sincere lot who did full justice to the assignment given. The output was well-researched, the choice of topic was quite diverse, and some of the students were quite deft at handling questions from the industry experts. My best wishes to all the students of EIILM-Kolkata!!
- Dr Rima Ghose Chowdhury (Executive Vice President & CHRO, Datamatics)

Congratulations to the winning teams and best wishes to all participants, you all did extremely well, unfortunately, we had to select three, but we were totally impressed by all of you and the maturity displayed in understanding and speaking about such varied topics. Best of luck for the future.
- Mr. Vikash Chadha (Managing Director, Global Infosys Limited)

EIILM-Kolkata Events

EIILM-Kolkata celebrates every event in a grandiose manner which involves
the student community taking part in cultural and academic activities.


We are entrusted with students’ aspiration and dreams to build their careers. The students, in turn, try to push their limits to acquire professional skills and implement standards of excellence to perform better and achieve sustainable growth. Let’s hear it from them in their own words their personal experience at EIILM-Kolkata