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EIILM-Kolkata Research Centre:

A Unique Research Centre has been created at EIILM-Kolkata under Vidyasagar University, Govt. of West Bengal, to facilitate research in the area of Management and allied discipline of learning and practices. The Research has got two aspects:

It is also a matter of fact that the Institute has commenced the process of Final Placement for the senior students who are now at the 4th Semester and shall be graduating in the month of August/September 2021 and close to 50% of the students are already in the pipeline of getting their posting and placement. The remaining process is ON. The Institute is very determined and hopeful of completing the process before the curriculum and examination for the curriculum ends up at the appropriate time.

The EIILM-Kolkata Research Centre has initiated the process to orient and support academics with relevant thoughts and ideas derived from practices and apply the same in the learning context.

Subjects / Thrust Areas:

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OBJECTIVE of EIILM Kolkata “Research Centre”

With a good presence of competent Professors and abundant research facilities EIILM, Kolkata is going to set up Research Centre under Vidyasagar University to carry on the following activities/agenda:

Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (EIILM), Kolkata introduces the “Research Centre” with the objective of studying and analyzing activities concerned with different sectors like, social sector, corporate sector, non-government organizations(NGOs), religious sectors, spiritual organizations, human value development related organizations, multinational associations, trade associations, business associations, capital market, industrial activities, social system and activities, national and international bodies, economy and economical development, social and industrial relations related activities and different other ongoing and historical activities which are concerned with national and global related affairs.

The research activities in these areas are desired to promote growth and development in national and international perspectives.

The total research activities are to be undertaken in the following three different areas:

The research work as stated herewith will be concerned with different basic areas related with the cause of the industries, society, environmental issues, business and management as a whole. The industry will gain and enjoy the outcome of the research work which causes growth in their performance and activities and ultimately that will satisfy their objectives. Along with other objectives the objective of economic infrastructure and financial growth will also be satisfied. This growth and development will add to the growth and development of the country concerned and also to the total corporate sectors or the sectors for which the research work is undertaken. This overall growth in the corporate sector or the other sectors will enhance the knowledge base over which the research work to be undertaken. This will be the cause of value addition for the targeted group. Henceforth, the EIILM Kolkata research cell activity will ultimately be the cause of growth and prosperity of the society in general and its people in particular.

The concerned students who will undergo the research work as research scholars will have the rare opportunity of coming into contact with such a valuable environment and institutional guidance for being associated with research activities involving high research value. The institutional guidance will be under the supervision of the academic exponents having eminence in the field of academics and industry for long period. The gamut of this research centre activities will impart in them good academic habits along with analytic blend of mind to undertake research work. This will inculcate new value addition to these research scholars for having mental attitude of being analytic and research oriented in nature which is very scarce now a day. Research institutes mostly in present are engaged in involving their research scholars in quantitative research work instead of qualitative research work. Mostly it is observed that research institutes lack suitable infrastructural and academic facilities.

EIILM Kolkata is an institute of eminence with a rich and versatile tradition of 24 years of academic excellence with well-structured research laboratories, libraries and other facilities which has been accredited by different national and international bodies. The research scholars will enjoy the opportunity of good research facilities and environment for carrying out the research activities. This will nurture the academic growth and analytic abilities of the potential research scholars who are desired for undergoing Ph.D. research work. Finally, on being awarded the Ph.D. degree, scholars will enjoy all the privileges of this highest academic attainment leading to accessibility to a better horizon of learning and career prospect.

The Capital Market Laboratory of this Institute possess provision of modern e-facilities and equipped with scope of accessing 48,000 data based information over corporate sector capital market related details.

The proposed research will operate as ‘Research Cell’ of Eastern Institute of Integrated Learning in Management (EIILM), Kolkata under Vidyasagar University. Vidyasagar University is, as rated by 24 Ghanta New Channel as a fastest growing University in West Bengal under University Grants Commission (UGC). Also EIILM Kolkata has been rated by 24 Ghanta News Channel as management teaching institute with very high level of academic and placement system. The “Research Centre” also will entrust its research performances for activities related with UGC, ICCR, UNIDO, UNDP, MHRD and other domestic/international government/non-government organisations and look forward for rendering its services towards promotion and development of those bodies.

Research Projects Undertaken:

EIILM has undertaken a number of research projects in different fields of social sciences. Given below are the highlights of some of the Research work done in the recent past: