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Leader-Learner Symbiosis

Swadhyah Samkalpa

The ancient Indian scriptures are storehouses of knowledge and wisdom that guide us even today. The concept of ‘SwadhyahSamkalpa’ is a Rigvedic concept which means ‘self-development through self-learning.’ The idea of this event is the brainchild of our honourable director, Prof. (Dr.) R.P. Banerjee. This is a new platform, which focuses on the engagement between our students and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the industry, was introduced in October, 2020.

This is with a view to encourage and inculcate development of ideas, spirit of innovation, initiative, critical thinking, competitive advantage, and competitive collaboration, that would foster excellence, a growth mindset, and overall career development, and career prospects among students.

The 5 Opportunities that the students find are to give presentations before Leaders of the industry, to develop perspectives/insights, to showcase learnings, knowledge, and evolving though leadership, to develop independent critical thinking skills, along with oral and written communication skills, and to keep learning, unlearning, and assimilating- keep abreast of all developments in the field of study, including emerging and future trends.

The Criteria for Evaluation include the choice or relevance of subject matter, and grasp of the topic, the focus of the presentation, and clarity of the content, how well-researched and how thought-provoking, the effective use of facts, statistics, data, images and other details, and the clarity of voice projection, and the standard of the slides, and a good conclusion.

When talking about the Methodology, the entire class is divided into adequate number of groups of 5-7 members, with one chosen Coordinator. Each group shall choose 2 or 3 presenters to present. Each group shall choose a topic of interest and relevance, and every presentation should briefly state the rationale or justification behind choosing it. The duration of each presentation is of 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of queries/ questions. The SMEs could ask questions to the non-presenters too. The SMEs would give their feedback to the respective HODs, who will provide the Norms of Evaluation. A cross-functional peer evaluation shall also be submitted to the respective HODs just after the presentations. It is the role of the Coordinators to submit the evaluations to the respective HODs.
Major takeaways of the event are that the students get important industry-related knowledge exposure here (apart from internships and seminars). The projects that students develop and present are like a mock-practice step before entering the actual professional or organizational space. The approach is multi-disciplinary and cross-departmental. Also, a cross-functional (subject specializations) peer evaluation. Moreover, the students receive valuable expert feedback from leaders or SMEs in their respective fields. They are mentored and guided by our experienced faculty members. The winning teams (including two runners-up teams) receive prizes and certificates for their performance, and this adds further inspiration.

The presentations are followed by a prize distribution ceremony (with our hospitality partner) in the presence of eminent personalities, including guests and business leaders, and also the EIILM family. The event is covered by the press.

This year it was organized as on the well-decorated roof-top of Hotel De Sovrani, Salt Lake, Kolkata, in the month of February. The event was decked with speeches from the honourable Director and also from the eminent guests. The other important part was that many of the winning students also spoke from the stage during the prize distribution, and expressed their gratitude to their respected guides and mentors. The unique event was wrapped up with a few nice songs by one of the faculty members who is a singer too. Refreshments were served and gifts were given by the hotel authorities at the end. The esteemed daily ‘Hindustan Times’ covered the event and published a report on it.

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EIILM-Kolkata has been conducting online webinars and panel discussions back to back since the emergence of the pandemic. Resource persons from various specializations from industry share their thoughts, knowledge and experience of corporate to the already motivated audience who, are academically inclined and enthusiastic learners. A plethora of online webinars have been conducted at EIILM-Kolkata in Zoom and Google Meet platforms with innumerable participants, under the active guidance and inspiration of our Honorable Chairman and Director, Prof. (Dr) R. P. Banerjee, who is also one of the resource persons to motivate and drive the force. Webinars have been a very useful platform to hear from the best leaders and experts from the industry and keeps us all mentally, academically and spiritually connected even during the trying times.