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Mission & Vision

For the advancement of learning and knowledge, research, CSR and other means as the Institute may deem fit.

Our Mission

EIILM-Kolkata aims at developing human potential from the corporate, industrial, entrepreneurial, economic, social, intellectual, and cultural aspects. This will be achieved through state-of-the-art teaching, inculcating the ancient ethos of learning and educational facilities at par with the international standards. The mission of the Institute is also to encourage creative and innovative academic endeavors for management education, research, consultancy, and create socially responsible citizens.

Our Vision

To be a renowned management institution with academic excellence that develops compassionate and committed corporate leaders with entrepreneurial attitude, socio-cultural, ethical, and environmental sensitivity.

Our Motto

छात्र सुखे सुखम् शिक्षक:
छात्रानाम च हिते हितम् ।
नात्म प्रियम् सुखम् शिक्षक:
छात्रानाम तु प्रियम् हितम्।।

Teachers always feel happy if their students experience happiness. Teachers consider the well-being of students as their well-being. Teachers consider happiness and well-being of students as their happiness and well-being.